Last, but not least, is the show „Bar & Restaurant Expo 2022“ that we are exhibiting at according to our project.  In Las Vegas, a city that “never sleeps”, we decided to present our interior design product line, which is extremely popular for its simple usage and very practical storage. Canvas, kapaline and sintra photo prints are a main offer at this years show, but we have prepared several surprises and additional options for all fans of modern hospitality interiors. 

The span of our production line  is already recognizable from our Fashion Week equipping in New York several years ago. A very positive feedback was an inspiration for us to turn towards the American market. The period of pandemic was a challenge to everyone, but this show, the last one remained according to the original plan, will be successfully done. However, this is not the end – it is just the beginning of a whole new story for D-color! 

We have already settled in so check the gallery for a few teaser pictures of a small part we already saw. 

Visit us at the show from 22nd – 23rd of March at Las Vegas Convention Center (booth #421) or follow us up on our social network!

Wish us a safe journey!