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With the goal of quality improvement and regular improvement of user experience web site  during your visit saves to your computer small text files called cookies. Through cookies, we collect information about the use of the site in order to improve the quality and constantly improve the user experience. Examples of information about the use of the site include: the most visited and most viewed pages and links on our website, the number of completed forms, time spent on the page, the most popular keywords that lead users to our site, IP address, data of the device from which the page is accessed, such as hardware settings, system activities, browser types, etc.

Cookies are small text files that are being placed on your device for saving data, that web server can revoke in the domain that placed that cookie. Cookies and similar technology are being used to follow up and memorize what is placed in your e-shopping cart, for saving your preferences, managing internet advertising, fighting frauds, analyzing our product performances and other legitimate purposes. It is possible for us to also use web-beacons, cookies or similar technology of third parties service providers.

This web site uses these tools according to existing regulations, according to General personal data protection regulation and E-communications laws (NN 73/2008, 90/2011, 133/2012, 80/2013, 71/2014, 72/2017). Before saving cookies to your computer we are obliged to ask for your approval.

In case you choose not to save cookies on your computer, you can browse through the web site but some of the services might not be available. Under no circumstances will the persons behind the data be identified or personal data collected, in accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data.

If you do not accept cookies you will be able to use our web site, but it is possible that some of the options will not be available. Most web browsers within their settings have options that allow cookies, but those settings can be changed within your web browser (at computer, tablet or other mobile device).

Cookies can not harm your computer. We never store personally identifiable information, such as your debit/credit card details, in cookies, but we do use the encrypted and anonymized data we collect from cookies to improve our website – for example to detect and fix errors that sometimes occur on websites.

Cookies are not computer programs, they can not read other information that are being saved on your computer. They can not be used for reading other information that are being saved on your computer. They can not be used to transfer computer viruses or to collect user data such as your e-mail address. It is possible for us to have an arrangement with carefully selected and supervised suppliers that, in insignificant amount of cases, can set cookies during your visit at our web site, with the purpose to use them for re-marketing purposes – meaning, to show you products and services according to your assumed interests and preferences. Please be sure to take into account that we are not and cannot be responsible for the content of websites that are not ours or that we do not control.

Our cookies do not contain personal data, such as your first or last name, or payment information – they only contain a ‘key’ that is linked to such data, once you log in to the user account. If you wish to limit, block or delete cookies from any web site that is under our control, you can do so within the settings of your web browser. Each web browser is different and we suggest for you to check those options in the “help” department of your browser. You must be aware that by doing that you can cause some options on our web site being unable to perform. If you need additional information for cookies, please visit

What is the purpose of cookies?

The purpose of the cookie that you have allowed to be stored on your computer is to save your settings, website settings, your preferred language or address. When you visit the same web site after some time, the web browser you use delivers information adjusted to your needs.

Depending on the defined task, cookies save a wide range of data, which include personal data, among others. However, only you decide which data the cookies will save. In the settings of your Internet browser, you can choose yourself whether to approve or reject requests to save cookies.

By disabling cookies, you may not be able to use some of the functionality on the websites you visit.

Types of cookies

Permanent cookies stay on your computer after the browser program is shut down. Permanent cookies will stay at the computer or mobile device for days, months, even years and they have purpose to save permanent data such as user name and password so you do not have to login each time.

Temporary cookies disappear from your computer after you close your Internet browser. With their help, temporary data such as the data you provide when shopping online is stored.

First party cookies can be permanent or temporary, and they store data that you will use again the next time you visit the pages from which they were stored on your computer.

Third party cookies or so called marketing cookies are are stored on your computer if you use advertisements on a website you visit, and it redirects you to a third party. This method serves to monitor the use of the Internet for marketing purposes.

This web site uses cookies with the purpose of user experience improvement, for safe web site operating and for actions the visitor chooses itself (web form for sending messages or service searching). Temporary cookies are being deleted when you shut down the web browser. Their only purpose is to improve user experience during your visit to a web site. Permanent cookies have no restrictions and they stay in your browser until you delete them by yourself. Collected data is being used only for statistical purposes.

Attendance measurement

Our web site uses services Google Analytics for attendance measurement. Data collected this way can not identify the visitor at the web site and this data are being used for statistical purposes only. In case you wish to forbid certain services to save cookies you can do so at the following link:

For more information on the processing of user data by Google Analytics, see Google’s privacy policy:

To disable the storage of cookies for different services, you can visit the following links:

Detailed descriptions of cookie control for individual browsers:



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All our online activities regarding the protection of personal data are in accordance with European legislation and the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the provisions of the Law on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation. For all additional information you can contact us at .