Advertising panels and road signs are eye-catching and are easily noticed in traffic and in public
Outdoor information boards or advertising panels are always a good choice for a source of information about a business entity or location. They are needed to highlight important information and data for business so that potential customers and clients can get information about a business entity as soon as possible. They are made of solid or aluminum materials to withstand the weather conditions to which they are exposed and adapt to the location where they are installed. They are placed in such a way as to be as visible to users as possible and to attract attention.


Billboards and road signs are the best choice when marking the position and location of a business entity. In addition to the name, it would be good if they also contained some basic information so that potential clients would have some basic information. After determining the wishes and needs of the client, the color and shape of the billboard or road sign is agreed upon in order to present the business in the best light. As such information boards are placed in outdoor locations, they need to be made of quality material that will not be affected by external conditions, especially weather conditions such as rain, snow or hail. Advertising panels and road signs must be manufactured to be adapted to the climatic area where they are mounted due to the different climatic characteristics of the area. The structure is made of steel or aluminum to make sure that the foundation of the structure itself is strong enough and the billboard and signpost structures are concreted into the ground to ensure stability. The best way to present a business is through such billboards and signposts because they are highly visible and attract attention, and at the same time provide the most important information.

Construction panels

With regard to the rulebook on the content and appearance of the board marking the construction site, we make construction boards for marking the construction site. There are certain conditions that the board must contain and that must be taken care of during production, in terms of dimensions and materials. All conditions during production should be met so that everything is marked according to regulations.

The board should be placed in a visible place at the entrance to the construction site, and in the case of large construction sites, it should be placed in several places. Therefore, it must be made of material that is resistant to corrosion and weather conditions. Letters and numbers must be printed with colors that are resistant to external influences and weather conditions. It can be mounted on a wall or fence so that the building panels are as visible as possible, and it is also necessary for the panel to be stable and properly exposed.

It is also possible to create an empty board that contains only the names of the categories, and the data that is needed is subsequently written with a waterproof marker.