An excellent choice for highlighting the name of a business premises
Contour cut shapes and letters are an excellent choice for highlighting the name of a business premises. They are a popular choice because they indicate a location from a distance. It is possible to use cut shapes and letters made of Styrodur, which is durable and light. This material can be used for all sizes and formats of advertising forms. Dibond letters and shapes are made of dibond plates, which are actually aluminum plates joined with a polyethylene layer to make them even stronger. They are also hardened with a compound that prevents deformation from weather conditions and impacts, so they provide a high-quality and effective choice.
In addition to forms made of styrodur and di bond, you can also choose an advertisement made of plexiglass, which is above all a material known for its strength while being very light at the same time. That’s why it’s perfect for highlighting a part of the space or marking the name of a business building.


Contour cut shapes and letters made of Styrofoam are an excellent choice for all formats and sizes. Styrodur is an affordable and durable material that is easy to install and paint. It is also possible to illuminate it additionally with suitable lighting and thus achieve the desired effect. Due to the durability of the material, the shapes can be made in different letter thicknesses, and in this way a 3D effect can be obtained. Styrodur is a material that is used for various purposes because it is light and strong, and as it is resistant to external conditions, it is the perfect material for making advertisements and decorations.

Styrofoam shapes and letters can be used as indoor and outdoor advertising and decorations. The material is waterproof so that it is not affected by external conditions such as rain, snow or sun. It also accepts color very well, so you can choose from a wide range of colors that are perfect for your business.


Advertisements made on dibond panels are extremely durable and great for different formats. Dibond panels are an extremely high-quality material that is made of aluminum panels that are joined with an inner layer of polyethylene and hardened with a compound that prevents deformation. Due to their extra strength, weather conditions do not affect these boards, so they can be used for advertisements that will be in one location for a long time. Also, as they consist of aluminum plates, they are resistant to corrosion and abrasion of the material.
Also, all shapes and letters made of di bond panels can be additionally illuminated. Forms made of di bond panels can be used not only for advertising panels but also for various exhibition stands and free-standing signs.


Letters and shapes made of plexiglass are ideal for all advertisements due to their properties. Plexiglass is a material that can be easily cut and bent, can be of various colors and can have different levels of light transmission. These are boards that have a high impact resistance, while on the other hand they are extremely light and perfect for large advertising shapes and letters.

If necessary, it is also possible to illuminate them so that the advertisement itself is even more visible from a distance. Since the material itself is strong and light, installation on the fasade itself or on the substructure is simple. In addition to outdoor spaces on buildings and entrances, letters and shapes made of plexiglass are an excellent decoration of stands and equipment, also for various interior decorations. Another advantage of this material is that they are easily recycled, so they are an environmentally friendly solution in themselves.