A new generation of illuminated advertisements with led lighting for the most effective presentation of business premises. It fits perfectly with any type of business and is a great way to highlight the company name

Illuminated advertisements are made according to the wishes of the client and are made of light materials to make installation as simple as possible. This way of advertising has many advantages besides increasing the visibility of the company or trade. It is possible to choose from a wide range of colors and shapes. One of the biggest advantages offered by illuminated advertisements with LED lighting is great savings, this way of advertising uses very little electricity and you will immediately see the savings on your bills. Among other things, this way of advertising is affordable and pays for itself in a short period of time. They are also resistant to all external conditions due to the way they are made and the materials used. The effectiveness of illuminated advertisements will not be reduced by the sun or moisture and in the long run they serve their purpose, which is to present the company in the best light.


One-sided illuminated advertisements or, as they are also known, light box advertisements are an excellent way of presenting a company. A company name or logo is enough to promote a business or to achieve better company visibility. This type of advertising is excellent because of the way it is made and the ease of materials and placement on the structure itself. Installation is possible directly on the facade itself or on the substructure, depending on the wishes and needs of the client.

Depending on the desired appearance, such one-sided illuminated advertisements are made of high-quality materials according to the highest European standards. Durable materials resistant to weather conditions such as panaflex, plexiglass, polycarbonate and the like are used for production. They are not affected by moisture or strong light, so they can be placed on any part of the wall, so they are the perfect way to advertise any company.


Totems or free-standing advertising columns are ideal for placing advertising signs or different information. This type of advertisement can be two-sided, three-sided or even more if necessary in order to best display the desired advertisement or information. It is possible to place it in any location, and the construction for them is placed on the foundations, the fronts can be made of panaflex, plexiglass or polycarbonate. In this way, an optimal display of the text or company logo is achieved. The materials from which they are made are of high quality and according to all European standards, depending on the wishes and needs of the client.

Since totems are resistant to all external conditions, they are an excellent way of promotion and providing basic information. They suit all types of business and are suitable for all locations and jobs.


3d luminous letters and shapes consist of multiple individual letters that create the desired inscription or design. Letters or shapes can be of the same size, but they can also be of different sizes, thus achieving dynamism and attracting attention. They are intended to clearly indicate the name and location of a company because they are visible from a distance. They are mostly used on the buildings themselves or at the entrance to business premises.

Production is possible in all desired dimensions, letter format or size. Each letter is made on its own, which further emphasizes the inscription itself. The lines of the advertisement follow the contour of the letters or logo that has been created. Installation is possible directly on the facade itself or on the substructure if necessary.