An ideal way to present products to the public
The offer of our company also includes many simple ways of promotion and presentation of the name or business of a company. These are various click clack frames, roll up advertisements, pop up walls, promo tables, pop up tents and various small promotional materials such as lighters, ballpoint pens, pendants or various laser cut and engraved products.
Click clack frames are placed on the walls and are a great way to inform about news or promotions in the sales areas, because the poster that is placed can be changed in a simple way. It is enough just to open the holders and place a new poster with an action or notice.
Roll up banners are also an excellent way to promote and inform, especially when organizing an event and presenting it to the public. They are easy to set up and move. They are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use as needed. The visual design will never have creases or folded edges because the print poster is tensioned. Advertisements printed on this kind of roll up visual are excellent because they are long-lasting and do not get damaged during storage or moving.
Pop up walls have similar characteristics to roll up visuals and are great for leaving a professional impression at fairs, presentations or similar events. It is possible to make them in different dimensions and they are very easy to assemble, and above all they are extremely strong and stable.
Promo tables are a good choice for all fairs, presentations and promotion of new products or services. It is made of high-quality and strong material that is intended for repeated use and is easy to assemble. It is possible to make it in different dimensions and with a graphic design according to the wishes and needs of the customer.
Pop up tents are a very affordable solution to canopies and can often be seen at concerts, fairs and large events. The tents are open structures without walls, so the passage through the tent is easy for visitors. Pop up tents in combination with promo tables and roll up visuals are ideal for advertising campaigns.
Other small promotional materials such as lighters, ballpoint pens or pendants are always a great choice to give as gifts to potential customers or clients. You just need to bring enough materials with you to distribute to potential clients.
Among other things, business cards are the first contact with the visual part of the company and business. It is important that the business card is well thought out and creative and that the basic contact information is clearly visible so that potential clients can get the necessary information as easily as possible. In this way, you provide clients with basic information and serve as the basis of any business communication. It is possible to order and print them in different colors and shapes to match the company’s identity. They are mostly printed in some of the standard dimensions, but they can be made in any other dimensions and shapes according to the wishes and needs of the clients. Business cards can be made in glossy or matt edition.
Advertising posters are another classic way of presenting and advertising a business. This is one of the simple ways to promote and provide information about some actions, news or events. Any information you want to share with potential clients and customers can be shared here. It is possible to print advertising posters in different dimensions using appropriate designs to make them more noticeable to people. Posters can be jumbo or city light posters in order to be visible to everyone in any location.

Flyers are also one of the classic ways of presenting and informing about a business. They can have content printed on one or both sides, and they are an excellent choice when opening a company, store, or promotional campaign in which discounts are used. It is possible to print in different dimensions, which can be folded as needed in order to fit into the company’s advertising campaign and thus reach potential users. Although these methods of disseminating information are used to a lesser extent nowadays, they are still present and excellent for the promotion of any type of business.