Textile printing is a popular way of advertising a business.
Textile printing is a popular way of advertising a business. It’s mostly printing on clothes, so a sports club or association is sponsored that way. In addition to printing on clothes, there is also printing on mesh, a PVC material with a mesh structure that ensures wind flow, used for outdoor advertising, construction site fencing, window masking, and the like.
Printing on textiles also includes tarpaulins, PVC fabrics that are suitable for large advertising formats, for facades of buildings, decorating scenes, for billboards and more. This type of textile is durable and is great for indoor and outdoor advertising.

In addition to printing on clothes, tarps and mesh, there are also textiles for frames, backpacks, bags and pouches. A perfect way to advertise a business, for promotional materials such as backpacks and bags or t-shirts. An affordable and practical way of advertising a company.


Printing on textiles, in this case printing on mesh, is one of the most effective ways for external promotion and advertising. Mesh textile is a canvas that is extremely durable and contains a large number of small holes. Because of those holes, it is wind-permeable and that is the reason why this is the perfect choice for outdoor advertising. The canvas remains preserved in different weather conditions because it lets in the wind as well as one level of light. Printing on textiles such as mesh is a great choice for areas that are characterized by strong winds because it will remain undamaged despite the wind. Regardless of those tiny holes, the canvas still accepts colors perfectly well and any graphics printed on them remain strong and high-quality colors.
In addition to outdoor advertising, banners are ideal for scaffolding, fences or tall buildings. It represents a more permanent solution considering its durability. It is also possible to insert metal hooks to facilitate the placement of the canvas itself on a wall, facade or a structure such as a scaffolding, and it can be mounted and fixed using FM profiles, which result in a perfectly flat advertisement.


Printing on canvas includes printing on tarps. Tarpaulin is a PVC fabric suitable for large formats, especially for outdoor advertising and promotion. As it is a fabric that is extremely strong and of high quality, it is excellent for installation on walls and facades. It is resistant to external weather conditions and is used in almost all places, even in places that are inaccessible. It is an ideal choice for buildings, fences, stadiums, sports facilities, stands or work spaces.

It can be made in one part or from several parts that can be connected to each other, so it is perfect for different dimensions. It’s easy to hem for strength so everything looks flawless.

It is also an excellent choice for bigboard canvases, jumbo posters and banners on fences. And in order to facilitate installation and fixing, metal links are inserted, which only need to be connected to the structure. It can be mounted and fixed using FM profiles, which result in a perfectly flat advertisement.


The possibility of printing on textiles is offered in the form of printing on flags in order to promote a business in an even easier and simpler way. It is possible to print national flags, flags with a logo, as well as printing flags for certain associations. The textile material from which the canvas for flags is made is extremely high-quality and strong so that it will not be damaged by the wind or other weather conditions. The canvas is resistant to the influence of moisture and light, so it is an excellent choice for placing outside on spears or masts, and of course it is possible to place them indoors as well.
In agreement with the clients, according to their wishes and needs, a flag template is created, according to which the flag itself is printed at the end so that everything is in accordance with the initial agreement.

Printed flags are one of the ideal ways to advertise, decorate, brand and more. The quality material from which they are made in combination with the design of our clients and quality printing is a recipe for successful business.


Printing on textiles for frames is another way of advertising and promoting a business entity. The textile on which it is printed is made of high-quality materials that are excellent for printing and accept the color without spilling.
Printing on textiles for frames looks great during various promotions. It fits perfectly into various shopping centers, stores, banks, stands and any interior space where it is possible to highlight a message about the service or product offered.

An additional positive thing that stands out about textiles for frames is that the assembly is extremely simple and it is easy to change the picture in the frame itself. While the image that is taken out can be easily stored and later used again in the frame.


Printing is also possible on clothes, which is another excellent way of promoting and presenting a company. In this way, the company can sponsor a sports team and thus inform the public about its existence in a very favorable way.

Printing on clothes includes various items of clothing, such as t-shirts, jackets, caps, vests, work pants and others. T-shirts can be of different types, long or short sleeves, depending on the needs and wishes of the clients. T-shirt printing is an ideal way of advertising precisely because of the simplicity of production and its usefulness in advertising and promotion. An excellent choice when sponsoring a sports team that represents the name and activity of a company. In addition to T-shirts, it is also possible to print on different types of jackets. From matching jackets to complete with t-shirts to different winter jackets or work jackets. With them, you can also print on raincoats and windbreakers, regardless of the thickness and type of material. To make the clothing range complete, there are also hats, vests and work trousers.
Clothing with printing is, as written above, one of the ideal ways of advertising at a low cost. A great way to promote your business.


Another great way to advertise and inform about a business is printing on textiles in the form of backpacks, bags or sacks. All of the above are things that are used daily and are always needed. With some form of promotion, such promotional materials as shopping bags, which are practical and at the same time necessary, can be distributed. They are an excellent medium for advertising and companies are happy to choose this way for promotion. They fit perfectly into fairs, conferences, business meetings, but are also an excellent gift for customers and clients.
The material from which they are made is strong and high-quality and accepts colors well so that they do not spill. Another positive side of this way of printing on the material is its ecological sustainability, the number of plastic bags is reduced and the environment is protected. Almost every business aspires to this way of working and opts for these favorable ways of advertising.