One of the best ways to highlight a part of the room
Every space needs some detail that will make it stand out and make it even more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. A home or business space that is aesthetically appealing automatically gives us a sense of comfort. In recent years, the trend in interior decoration has been to emphasize one wall to make the space seem fresher, but it is even simpler and more effective to use a wide selection of wall murals for this task. The choice falls on glossy and matte variants of wallpaper, depending on taste, but we should also mention structured photo wallpapers that add a special dimension to any space. In this way, highlight one whole wall or just one part of the wall, which will give a special note of elegance to any room.

In addition to one of the simplest ways, which is gluing self-adhesive wallpaper (no more buckets and applying glue to the wall), you can enhance the space with different lighting elements. In addition to the luminous ones, there are also different materials from which letters or shapes can be made. They can be used for various events and celebrations, but also for everyday interior decoration.


Wall murals are the perfect choice for decorating any space, private or business. They are made of quality materials using modern technology and fit into every corner of the space. PVC self-adhesive photo wallpapers are used, smooth or structured, with the print of the desired motif, and they easily adhere to any smooth surface.

They are used for interior decoration by sticking them on the wall or any other smooth surface in order to highlight some part of the room. It is possible to paste the photo wallpaper over the entire wall, thus changing the appearance of the entire room. It is also possible to stick the photo wallpaper only on a part of the wall or some other smooth surface in order to get a more effective look and to make it stand out better. The space can be highlighted even better if structured photo wallpapers are used because they give a special dimension to the space. In addition to the structured ones, it is possible to make it in glossy or matte versions, where rigid lamination is also possible. Lamination is the addition of an additional protective layer to reduce the possibility of minor mechanical damage. In doing so, top technology and original colors are used to guarantee that the visual will not fade over a long period of time. They are resistant to all conditions in the interior and it is enough to maintain them by wiping them with a dry cloth.


If you need to highlight a part of the office space or especially in sales areas, lighting elements are excellent. It is possible to choose different colors and shapes in order to better emphasize what you want to communicate. As mentioned in the sales areas, this way of highlighting would be good for separating different departments and categories of stores. Although they are mostly used in business premises, it is possible to fit lighting elements into every room of the home.

They can be made of several different materials that are extremely strong while the light is placed in the background to make the element that is placed stand out even more.


Different materials can be used to mark parts of a business premises or a home. These are mainly light materials of high strength that must be easy to install and noticeable enough to emphasize a certain part of the space. Forex boards, dibond boards, pvc foils, 3d letters and shapes are used. Depending on the wishes and needs of the clients, the material is chosen that will fit in the best way into the interior decoration and the ambiance. Forex panels are panels made of a special foamed PVC material that gives these panels strength with light weight and ideally fits any type of business for the purpose of marking a sector or department. It is mostly used in commercial buildings to separate and mark a special part of the space. Similar to forex boards, dibond boards can be used to create letters and shapes. They are equally light and strong, the only difference is that the forex panels are PVC while the dibond panels are actually sandwich panels with aluminum panels. They can be used for everything that is needed when marking the space, the choice depends only on the wishes and needs of the client.

This category also includes PVC foils that can fit into any space. They can be used perfectly to achieve a dose of privacy if stuck on a glass front door, window or window. Thus, unwanted views from the outside are removed and the impression of professionalism is achieved. Using non-transparent PVC foils, it is possible to separate the offices in some business premises, which gives employees maximum privacy at minimal costs.

3d letters and shapes are ideal for decorating the space by placing them as hanging elements, where different 3d shapes can be used in an excellent way during the holiday season. They are perfect during the Christmas holidays for making snowflakes or hanging stars and that special atmosphere is achieved in a professional way. In addition to being hanging elements, they can also be placed on the wall or on some surface and thus highlight the name or some other important element in the same way.


It has never been easier to draw or write something and then erase it and start over. With write-on foils, there are no more children’s drawings on the walls or pieces of paper on all sides that serve as reminders. Write-erase foils are made of high-quality light material that is easily applied to a smooth surface. They come in different shapes to adapt to the room in which they are placed, be it a children’s room or a kitchen. If your little ones are learning to write, write-and-erase foils in the shape of stars, animals or cars will be a hit. A little older will enjoy the school game with blackboards where they can practice drawing and writing. In addition, the walls will remain clean because all the masterpieces of the little artists will be on a foil that can be erased and written on again and again. If you want to have a reminder of things you mustn’t forget, a shopping list or an important date, you can always set up a writing foil that will be there so you don’t forget.

In addition to use in the home, write-and-erase films are great for use in business premises such as shops or catering establishments, in this way you can easily display some of the offers that are being offered.

As mentioned, foils can be used for different purposes in different rooms. From kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, children’s rooms to daily or weekly menus in restaurants. Different shapes are there to fit any design. And application to any smooth surface has never been easier.