All year-round preparations for participation at Cruiseship Interiors Expo Show 2021 that took place in Miami brought a great satisfaction within our company. Two representatives of our company very successfully did their job by representing our company on this show which was closely related with cruisers interior designing, where our offer of materials and production definitely had a big advantage in relation to other companies. Owning International certifications and working according to their principles are competitive advantage of our production which opens many doors to us. Steps followed speak for themselves, considering the result is always final success on business field. In just a few days we had a chance to see and study through small part of USA market in this field of interior design, but also to participate in conventions which enhanced our knowledge and got some new ones.
We adjusted our offer to the sows theme and presented tree main and very popular products: canvas photo prints as well as PVC board photos (aka sintra) and paper foam board photos. The simplicity of their usage as well as production, print quality together with easy storage options and acceptable price are definitely our advantage for all new projects. Considering the fact that this cruise ship show was based on light weight equipment, our products, that are extremely light weight, were interesting to many people on this show.