Digital and Green transition of D-color d.o.o.

PROJECT NAME: Digital and Green transition of D-color d.o.o.

USER: D-COLOR d.o.o., Mala Švarča 185, Karlovac

PROJECT SUMMARY: Presented project is used to solve a problem of reduced competitiveness of the company and impact of COVID pandemic consequences by investing in green and digital technologies. The project goal is to increase competitiveness of the Applicant, its digitalization, energy efficiency and waste reduction. With project activities the company implements 5 new
technological solutions which will optimize Applicants business. Project will contribute to increase of employments by creating 6 new work places and increasing sales income by 26% and export income by 26% in the year m+2.

TOTAL VALUE OF PROJECT: 3.593.750,00 kn
GRANT AMOUNT AWARDED: 1.284.000,00 kn
DURATION OF PROJECT: 1.1.2022. do 1.2.2023.

Contact person for additional information: Mateja Blažević –

Project was financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and the Instrument Assistance for recovery for Cohesion and European areas „REACT-EU“

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