Not so long ago we wrote about wallpapers and the simplicity of assembly what makes them, besides other things, very good solution for interior design and home redecorating, as well as business spaces. No matter if it serves you primarily for decoration or some other business and informational purposes, its conditions for quality assembly and longitude are the same. All you need to know for that kind of assembly we bring in this blog in a few lines for which we hope will be helpful.

All custom made wallpapers and all those of larger dimensions are made in a few parts. Considering firstly the practical point of assembly, the width of each part is approximately 135 cm which is average arm span of most people. However, there are some small conditions that need to be fulfilled before the assembly itself:
straight and uncurved wall, smoothed and cleansed from dust, colored with base paint (non grease). It is preferable to wait at least 3 weeks from this work to placing a wallpaper on your wall. After 3 weeks you should remove dust leftovers with dry cloth, make sure the wall is not cold (preferable is room temperature of around 20 C +) or moist so the wall paper would stick firmly to the wall. You will also need something to straight the wallpaper while placing it and a scalpel.

After you prepared your wallpaper parts, you can start with the assembly of the first one. A credit card with some soft fabric (for not scratching) or similar can be used as an item for straightening a wallpaper, paper crepe tape for current placement on the wall and scalpel. It is very important that the first part is extremely carefully and exactly placed, so all other would be good too. After you made your “center” and decided you can start with the placement of the wallpaper, it is necessary to detach the foil from its bottom paper at least 10 cm, and fold the bottom paper down so you only have the adhesive foils set for placing. Stick a little left and right part of the wallpaper and using your straightening item you start sliding from the middle of the wallpaper towards the left and then again from the middle to the right. While you slide and actually place the wallpaper on the wall, use your other hand to draw the bottom paper down making the foil free for adhesion on the wall. You did well if you do not have any bubbles on the wallpaper, meaning there is no air left behind. If that happens, we have a “cure” for it Just stick a small needle or top of the scalpel in it and then use the sliding item to push out the air from the bubble.

So, the next part of the wallpaper is next. Very important to know is that the parts are not supposed to be placed one NEXT to another, but one OVER another. Each part has around 2 cm of extra part within which is used for this – placing over. Before placing other part of a wallpaper use the first step of assembly and carefully detect the straight center and straight line for placing. Do the same as with the first – drawing bottom paper down while straightening the foil above from the center to the left and right.

In case you tried a little bit and followed our tips, we believe you are admiring your master piece this very moment. Additional informations on our wallapapers and types of assembly can be read at our blog, and if you wish to see our offer of beautiful wallpapers then take a peak at our offer. In case, you are still not sure, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you and show you the way we do it. Why , we are here for you and because of you!