Privacy policy

Introductory provision

The owner of web site (further: „web site“) is D-COLOR Ltd for trade and services, Karlovac, Mala Švarča 185, , entered in the register of Commercial court in Zagreb – permanent office in Karlovac, with registered ID number: 020047468, OIB: 51598822308 (further: “D-COLOR”, “we”), also Data processing manager. is web site D-color uses to provide with information about services within the offer of D-COLOR.

The user of the web site or service in general is legal or private person that in any way, indirectly or directly, approaches or has approached that web site or has used D-COLOR’s services (further: “user”).

Web site implies all parts that are within the domain

Privacy policy

D-COLOR is dedicated to user privacy protection on this web site and D-COLOR will do everything at its power to ensure that users private data are managed in a way that respects their rights and freedoms as well as their personal dignity , specifically data confidentiality.

With that in mind D-COLOR prepared this Privacy policy to explain how we collect, use, share and protect your personal data. Privacy policy is also describing your options regarding usage, approach and correction of your personal data.

We can ask for additional personal information and data from the user so we will explain process and way of data processing you provide for us.
This Privacy policy also gives you complete information so you could accept data processing in a specific and known way, when that is necessary and appropriate.

In accordance with the Law on the Implementation of the General Regulation on Data protection (NN 42/18), the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council from April 27th, 2016 on personal protection regarding data processing and free movement of those data, as well as repealing Guideline 95/46/EZ (General data protection regulation) (SL EU L119) and other applicable Croatian regulations, all risks that might occur by accessing this web page are taken at your own responsibility. Processing your data will be entirely made in accordance with General Regulation on Data protection and other applicable Croatian regulations. Every processing of personal data that is done on behalf of D-COLOR obeys.
Our information system is protected with technical measures from unauthorized access, changes, expansion, loss and deleting your data.

Every processing of personal dana made by D-COLOR follows principles of legitimacy, honor, transparency, purpose limitations, archive period limitations, minimum data limitations, punctuality, integrity and confidentiality. Our information system is protected with technical measures from unauthorized access, changes, expansion, loss and deleting your data.

We guarantee that your personal data will only be used with a purpose of fulfilling your wishes, for closure and contract performance, our own marketing and other legal interests that are important for our business. Data will be used in clearly defined purposes and will not be forwarded to third parties or used in undefined ones.

Processing manager

Processing manager regarding all data processing through web site is:

D-COLOR Ltd. for services and trade

Mala Švarča 185

47000 Karlovac (City of Karlovac)

For contact regarding any information for personal data processing made by D-COLOR, including processors on behalf of D-COLOR, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

Which information are we collecting?

During web site usage and especially when you are providing information on our web site, D- COLOR can collect and process information related to you as an individual which will provide your identification, directly or indirectly with additional information (further: personal data). D-COLOR can collect these data when you want to provide them (e.g. When you ask for any service that D-COLOR provides through the web site) or just by analyzing your activities at the web site.

Your personal data are being saved at our local clients base after you deliver your inquiry, ask for an offer or a service. Depending on the inquiry or requested service, it is about the following data:

– Name and surname

– Address

– E-mail address

– Phone/fax number

Data are processed better service providing and offers as well as the legitimate interest for business improvement. The data is available only to employees that need them for business performance.

Your e-mail address is being saved within the newsletter program MailerLite that is coordinated with the General Data Protection Regulation and binding laws and regulations of Republic of Croatia.

More about MailerLite Program and its usage terms you can find at:

Without these data it is impossible to contract and fulfil given business assignments and your demands.

Clients base is our legitimate interest that provides us an improvement of business results and enlarging our service quality. It is also easier to fulfil your demands which are defined in the process of personal data protection regulations alignment such as updates and options for personal data transfer.

Search data

The operation of the website, which is standard for any website on the Internet, involves the use of computer systems and software procedures that collect information about website users as part of its routine way of functioning, and the transmission of such information is done automatically when using Internet communication protocols.

Although D-COLOR does not collect such information in order to link it to individual users, it is possible that on the basis of such information, due to its nature and through its processing and connection with other data of third parties, users may be identified, either directly through such information or by using other information collected. Therefore, such information must also be considered personal data.

Mentioned information include several different parameters connected to your operating system and IT surroundings, including your IP address, location (country), your computer domain name, certain locator addresses (URI-Uniform Resource Identifier) for contents you search on the web site, demand time, information of your activities at the web site (such as web sites you visit), the method of submitting a request to the server, size of files you receive, numerical code that marks status of the response (successful, error, etc.), device data (of your computer, tablet or smart phone) which you use to get approach to our web site etc., through cookies and other technologies that provide such way of tracking.

D-COLOR will use these data only for anonymous, statistical purposes of informing about the way our web site is used and will not connect them to data which allows identification of certain users, to ensure correct performance of the web site and register errors and/or misuse of the web site. This data can also be used for the purpose of investigating liability in case of IT crimes committed against the website.

Processing activities

Data processing is carried out through such procedures and technical and electronic means that are suitable for protecting the confidentiality and security of data, and consist of collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation, insight, elaboration, modification, use, selection, retrieval, matching, using, combining, blocking, sending, distributing, deleting and destroying data, including the combination of two or more such activities.

Why are we processing these data? Purposes and legal base of processing

D-COLOR uses your personal data which are collected through its web site for the following purposes:

  • To provide answers or services you request, for receiving information from D-COLOR and for sending notifications; for reviewing your identity and providing support for any service of D-COLOR, so D-COLOR could contact you when that is necessary and answer to your requests and inquiries, including e-mail; for providing any other services you ask for; for sending newsletters you subscribed to as a form of service (that contain only informational and marketing content).
  • For marketing needs, promotional and public relations processes, including direct marketing, as well as studies, researches, market statistics or questionnaires, through e-mail, SMS, forwarded announcements, pop-up windows, direct messages, operators phone calls, official D-COLOR’s web sites related with products and services of D-COLOR (“marketing”) and for offers delivery, promotion and other information on our products and services.
  • While delivering newsletters your name, last name, e-mail address, date, time of login and logout, number and time of newsletter opening and clicks at links are being processed. The process regarding these needs is based on your consent. You are not obliged to give your consent to D-COLOR for using your personal data for these purposes and if you decline you shall not have any consequences (you will not be able to receive messages of direct D-COLOR marketing). Also, every consent you provide you will be able to withdraw later.
  • For necessities of future marketing actions, promotion and public relations actions, by sending direct marketing materials through e-mail concerning products and services D-COLOR provides, and which are identical or similar to those you previously asked for using web site (“soft spam”). Processing those data is based on legitimate interest of D-COLOR for delivering direct marketing materials through e-mail regarding products and services which are identical or like those you previously asked for using the web site. These messages can be blocked which will not have any consequences for you (you will not be able to receive further messages from D-COLOR), by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of all such messages.
  • For creating users profiles (individual or group profiles) at our web site, gathering and analyzing information on preferences you choose and choices you make at the web site also as your general activities at the web site, by using cookies for creating profiles (“create profile”). These information are being used for personalizing services we provide through web site, when that is possible, so we could adjust it to your preferences and choices and to provide the information and advertisements that are relevant and of interest for you, so we could suggest adjusted offers of your interest and give information on other web sites/services that D-COLOR considers interesting. For more information on cookies visit cookies policy. Data processing for these needs is based on your consent, gathered cookies through pop-up windows and/or places that need to be marked with check mark. You are not committed to give consent to D-COLOR for using your personal data for these needs and if you decline you will not have any consequences (except that you will not benefit from the personalization of your experience using the website). Also, every consent you give you can later withdraw, either changing properties at your device or contacting D-COLOR through already mentioned e-mail address.
  • For ensuring that D-COLOR is compatible with the laws that bind it for gathering and/or additional processing certain types of personal data (“law compatibility”). When you give D-COLOR your personal data, D-COLOR is obliged to process them according with applicable laws, which can include containing and reporting your personal data to the legal authority representative for ensuring compatibility with tax, customs or other laws. For this kind of data processing no consent is needed considering this type of processing is needed for obeying legal duties. (art.6., pt.1 GDPR)
  • For preventing and detecting web site abuse or any other fraud that are taking place through web sites (“abuse/fraud”). This type of data processing is needed so D-COLOR could ensure its legitimate interest for preventing and revealing abuse and fraud activity on the web site (for potentially criminal purposes).
  • For analyzing and improving services we provide, improving the web site, D-COLOR’s marketing activity and services efficiency rating, making statistical and demographical analyses of corporate clients and registered users of D-COLOR (“analytics”). Data processing for these purposes is needed so D-COLOR could ensure its legitimate interest for developing and managing its web site and to improve services it provides through its web site.

Users are not obliged to provide its personal data so they could browse the web site. Providing personal data for already mentioned needs is optional, but not providing these data (mentioned within newsletter register form) can enable users to register to a newsletter or to use connected services.

Who will be able to access your personal data?

Within already mentioned activities and purposes, D-COLOR can share your personal data with the following subjects (forward: “personal data recipient”):

  • Contracted service providers (processors) that provide specific services of data processing or auxiliary services (such as data saving, sending messages on behalf of D-COLOR, web hosting, users services, IT-services regarding web site management, e-mail services) on behalf of D-COLOR and according to D-COLOR instructions needed for data processing contract.
  • Certain individuals that were authorized on behalf of D-COLOR for personal data processing needed for activity performance regarding service providing through the web site (such as technical maintenance or communication networks maintenance), that were obliged for confidentiality or are a subject of related legal commitments (such as employees of D-COLOR);
  • Public entities, institutions or public authorities according to applicable laws or binding regulations of those entities, institutions or public authorities. We can also reveal your personal data if we consider at good faith that publishing is necessary for your safety protection or protection of others, fraud check or response to the request of the state.
  • For delivering newsletter D-COLOR uses external partner as data processing executor and MailerLite service as subcontractor of data processing, for creating newsletters and managing recipient list. MailerLite uses technologies (cookies and beacons) to follow newsletter opening, logins and logouts as well as clicks on links. More information is available at:  In every newsletter there is a simple link for unsubscribing from the newsletter. Unsubscribed addresses are stored in the unsubscribed list to prove compliance with legal obligations..

Personal information will not be disclosed or forwarded to third parties, except in the case of extraordinary corporate transactions, when personal information may be transferred or provided to third parties who are customers, tenants or agents.

Data Transfer

Personal data can be transferred to other European Union countries and third lands (outside the EU), in which case the transfer is being made with appropriate protection measures (such as regular contract clause or binding corporate rules), by analyzing if the third country laws are suitable or by taking other suitable protection measure.


Following applicable regulations on children privacy protection on the Internet, D-COLOR does not collect consciously personal data of children under 16. D-COLOR is taking very seriously children privacy protection. We therefore recommend that a parent or guardian assist and guide children under the age of 16 when browsing the website or accessing services provided by D-COLOR. Children under 16 are not allowed to use web site or D-COLOR’s services. In case that D-COLOR notices that some information were gathered unknowingly from a child under the age of 16, D-COLOR will promptly delete those types of information. If a parent/guardian wants to prevent access for minor to the web site, there are programs that are easily accessible and provide control for Internet access or certain web sites access.

Personal data safety

All personal data that are gathered through the web site are being saved and processed in a way that minimizes the risk of destruction, loss (including accidental loss), unauthorized access/usage or usage that is not according with the primary purpose of data saving.

Personal data archive

In general, D-COLOR saves your personal data only as long as it is being strictly needed, according to reasons they are being collected:

  • D-COLOR saves your personal data that are processed for service providing to a period that is strictly needed for fulfilling those purposes. However, data will be saved even longer in case we must act according toward any complaints regarding provided services or in case we must protect the interests of D-COLOR regarding a potential responsibility connected to a service provider.
  • D-COLOR keeps your personal data that are processed for marketing needs and profile creating at the moment you give your consent until the moment you withdraw it. If the consent is not withdrawn we will ask you to renew it in determined period of 24 months. When you withdraw your consent (or you do not renew it after renewal request), your personal data will no longer be used for those purposes, although D-COLOR can still save them for the need of interest protection of D-COLOR and regarding a potential responsibility related to that cause (5 years in general as a limitation period). D-COLOR preserves personal data that are processed for the need of “Soft spam” according to legal right on electronical communications (E-mail through which advertisements of service and products similar to those the client previously ordered/bought were being represented) from the moment you provide those personal data to D-COLOR until the moment you object the processing for the mentioned purpose.
  • From the moment you object to mentioned processing your personal data will not be used anymore for those purposes although D-COLOR can still preserve them for the need for D-COLOR protection interests regarding potential responsibility connected to that data process
  • D-COLOR preserves personal data that are being processed for compatibility with regulations for time predicted with certain legal commitments for which personal data were processed.
  • D-COLOR stores personal data that has been processed for the purposes of preventing abuse/fraud and for analytical purposes for a period that is considered strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the data was processed.

After mentioned periods, all data is being deleted and anonymized except data we are obliged to keep for longer period of time according to the law.

What are your rights? How can you achieve them?

As an examinee you have following rights at each moment:

  • receiving confirmation of the existence of your personal data processed by D-COLOR, access to such data and receiving a copy of such data;
  • update, change/correction of your personal data when they are incorrect or incomplete;
  • deleting your personal data when you consider their processing is unnecessary or illegal, anonymizing them, blocking data whose processing is illegal or setting boundaries for their use;
  • filing an objection against the processing of your personal data, based on relevant grounds related to your personal situation, which you consider should prevent D-COLOR from processing your personal data for a specific purpose;
  • submitting an objection against the processing of your personal data for the purposes of sending advertising materials, performing direct sales, market research or for commercial communication purposes;
  • withdrawal of consent for data processing (for marketing and profiling purposes), when your consent serves as a legal basis for processing – this does not affect the legality of the processing carried out before your withdrawal of consent.
  • a request to limit the processing of your personal data when you consider that the personal data being processed is incorrect or when you consider that the data processing is unnecessary or illegal, as well as when you have objected to the data processing;
  • data portability – you have the right to a copy of the personal data you have provided to D-COLOR in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable form, as well as the right to request the transfer of such personal data to another data controller.

We note that you can change most of personal data you provide for D- COLOR, including you e-mail preferences, at any moment.

Through the website, you can choose one or more means of communication through which your personal data will be processed for marketing purposes (eg telephone, SMS, e-mail, mail, social networks). You can withdraw your consent to processing for all selected means of communication, or you can choose to block only certain means (e.g. if you only withdraw your consent for marketing messages via SMS, you will no longer receive marketing messages via SMS, but you may still receive them via email) through your user profile created by you on the Website, when applicable.

You can withdraw your marketing consent (for e-mail messages) by following link that is placed at the bottom of every marketing message.

You can withdraw your consent to the creation of a profile, which you have given by accepting cookies, at any time. When you have given your consent to the creation of a profile by checking the box, you can withdraw that consent by changing your preferences, at any time, within your user profile you have created on the web site, where applicable.

At any moment you have a right to entitle your rights prescribed by sending a written request at:


Mala Švarča 185, 47 000 Karlovac


Changes and additions

This Privacy Policy entered into force on November 5, 2021.

D-COLOR reserves the right to partially or completely amend these Privacy Policy or to update its content, for example due to amendments to applicable laws. If D-COLOR makes changes, we will notify you through the means of notification on this website before the changes become effective. D-COLOR therefore invites you to regularly check this Privacy Policy to familiarize yourself with its latest updated versions and to be constantly informed about how D-COLOR collects and uses personal data.