Private interiors and households

Modern trends for home decoration.
An extremely wide range of our production is wall decorations for individuals, i.e. for private interiors and households. The wide applicability of the materials we use every day has led to numerous innovative solutions that have found their place in your homes. Interior decoration creates stress for some, but we have designed a whole line of wall decorations where you will finally be able to enjoy, or even eagerly await, the decoration of your home or some rooms in it.


We make beautiful things. Because of you and for you.


High-quality printing on art canvas gives a special dose of art in every interior.

Happy boards

Custom made product and a wonderful gift for all occasions! A board made of high-quality material in the desired dimensions is a permanent memory of the most important days of your life.


A hit product every season and in all interiors! Self-adhesive, high-quality PVC film in matte and glossy variants and the increasingly popular structured film for modern design in every interior.