Everyone’s favorite time of the year has arrived, the holidays. Suitable winter temperatures and cloudy weather have also arrived. While everyone is eagerly awaiting the snowflakes and soft white ground cover to beautify the environment, we have made sure that Aquatika shines in the winter edition. This unique tourist decoration of Karlovac, rich in freshwater species, decorated its shop windows with beautiful stickers of holiday themes.
Attractive stickers of trees and deer show the true winter wonderland. The soft self-adhesive PVC film is ideal for easy sticking and removal. This is important when exposed to different weather conditions as in this case. The flexibility of the material is perfect for shop windows, and the shapes are contour cut. There are no transparent or white edges or excess material that would spoil the appearance of the scene. This achieved a sharp and detailed appearance of deer antlers and tree branches that could not otherwise be so expressive. Trees and deer are part of the holiday theme that fit into the whole story with a freshwater aquarium whose goal is to bring the animal world of our waters closer to everyone.
You can see this wonderful picture of a winter wonderland if you visit Aquatika and feel the charm of the holidays in a special way that can only be experienced in the city on four rivers. Our days don’t have to be empty and poor like trees without leaves if we spend a few afternoons with our loved ones. Awaken the holiday spirit with the wonderful Christmas story of the town of Karlovac.