In this pre-holiday period, which we all look forward to with joy, we can’ wait to decorate our homes with different holiday decorations. We want to evoke the joy of the holidays and the beauty of these winter days in our homes. While eagerly waiting for the first snow, we can find snowflakes in different places. Our hanging 3D snowflakes evoke the winter atmosphere in this business space.

The flakes are extremely light and perfect for spaces like this. The light but strong material is a great choice for winter decorations like this so that every line is visible and they are easy to put up. The snowflakes are made of styrofoam, which can be different thicknesses and they come in white. It is possible to choose other colors as desired, and it is also possible to add glitter to the motifs to make them even more noticeable.The material is excellent because, in addition to being light, it is extremely strong and every detail of the flake can be clearly shown. In this case, the snowflakes are set to hang from the ceiling to better showcase their dance. They can be placed anywhere in this way, but they can also be glued to the wall or set to stand on a surface such as a family table or a shelf. They are easy to maintain because it is enough just to remove the dust that accumulates on them and they are like new again. They can fit into any space and are not a decoration that can be used only for a short period of time, for the holidays, but are great for the entire winter season.

In this way, we can evoke a touch of holiday spirit and winter joys with decorations without going out into the cold and low temperatures. Regardless of the weather conditions, you can enjoy beautiful snowflakes in your home.