A vehicle that is painted with advertising graphics and messages is a moving advertisement
Vehicle painting is an ideal way to promote a business because the price is more acceptable than any other advertising surface. In addition, a vehicle that has an advertisement and actively participates in traffic brings much more potential business than a billboard that has one location. For this reason, your vehicle is the best billboard and advertisement that is in motion, not only visible to other drivers but also to pedestrians. Vehicle painting is one of the most profitable forms of advertising because it is an advertisement that does not stand still, is not placed only in one location and is not seen only by potential clients in that location. It is visible to a much larger number of people, in more locations, at different times, and it doesn’t matter which city or even which country.
In order for advertising on vehicles to be effective, it is not necessary to paint the entire surface of the vehicle, but it is sufficient to paint only part of the vehicle, highlighting only the logo and basic information or slogan. The most important thing that customers need to see so that they can know what you offer them, but also your contact information, website and phone number. You can always decide to paint your vehicle to a larger extent and thus increase the visibility of the vehicle and the advertisement itself in traffic. Complete painting of the vehicle or full graphics is also possible.
Painting is possible with transparent PVC foil, cut foil in the selected color, window graphics that are in accordance with the graphics at the company headquarters, print & cut foil or magnetic stickers.