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D-color employees apply their professional knowledge in the area of graphic design, graphic prepress, machine and technology together with arranged protocols at delivery or assembly. Knowledge of standardization and business protocols of each client is a main condition for succesful cooperation and partnership, quality delivery and business expansion towards all other markets, considering that good work is always well known, ie. good news travels fast. We use every opportunity to gain new knowledges and experiences which enriches our business portfolio and gives us advantage for business expansion.



Graphic design

Graphic prepress

Graphic finishing

Assembly / Disassembly

Besides our highlighted offer of products and services according to turn-key concept we offer our services separately if needed. The best feature of our service of printing is high quality technology and machines which can satisfy even most demanding criteria, and the process itself is efficient and fast which shortens delivery dates, and cartridges and inks satisfy principals of modern ecology.

Professionalism of our graphic designers simplifies the entire process of selection with business partners and also with private and personal interiors. Remarkably good knowledge of business interiors standardization and legal regulations for certain parts makes easier to client himself the process of space designing and entire business premises.
Appropriate working programs are base in our design department and for the graphic prepress itself. Considering the complexity of our production it is remarkably easy to work in such well connected departments with quality communication. The preparation of selected design is being adjusted depending on purpose of final product and based on that it is being directed to production (print) to suitable machine – level of needed resolution, segment printing, quality and ink duration, quality and printing speed, amount of printing, width of print and the type of printed material.

Before the final delivery we are making sure that the graphical finishing is being properly made. The accuracy in product finishing after printing, appropriate handling and their preparation for delivery or assembly are the final step to quality of our production. In case the service of assembly is also needed, besides the warranty that we give for its performance, at this point we disburden the client and take the commitment of final delivery that he ordered. Skill, accuracy and experience of working out on the course and with assemblies that are extremely specific, are a warranty for success in every business project we start.

Our long experience in large format printing, as well as in intellectual services, with our own modern technology, price competitiveness and innovations are guarantee for mutual satisfaction and long-time cooperation.


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