The shop window is the mirror of every company
The shop window is the mirror of every company, the place that potential clients first notice when they come to the location where the headquarters or sales point is located. It is precisely for this reason that it must be noticeable, attractive to people and must represent the company in the right light.
When potential clients come, you need to make a good first impression, and that’s exactly why self-adhesive foils are an excellent choice. They can be used for interior and exterior decoration, for window painting and for various advertising boards and signs. An excellent way to provide basic information about the business, but also to achieve privacy in places where the office or desk is located in close proximity to the storefront. Clients’ privacy is also preserved during their stay in the business premises.
Production is possible on different materials in matte or glossy versions, and placing it on a window or other smooth surface is extremely easy.
In addition to effective foils that are used for advertising, advertising and attracting the attention of clients, there are also different protective foils. Films that protect against the sun, heat and UV radiation, and during the day also provide protection from the view in such a way that the outside cannot be seen inside. Internal foils that are placed on external windows increase the energy efficiency of the premises and reduce heating and cooling costs. While the outer foils effectively protect the space from heating, glare and UV radiation.
Printing on textiles also includes tarpaulins, PVC fabrics that are suitable for large advertising formats, for facades of buildings, decorating scenes, for billboards and more. This type of textile is durable and great for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

In addition to printing on clothes, tarps and mesh, there are also textiles for frames, backpacks, bags and pouches. A perfect way to advertise a business, for promotional materials such as backpacks and bags or t-shirts. An affordable and practical way of advertising a company.


PVC foil, which can be printed or can be contour cut, is an ideal way to decorate and enhance the look of any shop window. It fits perfectly into all types of window and interior decoration. It is made of PVC material that is reinforced and not easily damaged, so it is a perfect choice for interior and exterior decoration and advertising. If the company decides on contour-cut PVC foils, it receives foils that are immediately ready for installation with a transfer foil. This way of cutting PVC film for painting shop windows and other smooth surfaces is ideal for small details.
The rigid lamination process protects the print on the foil to ensure that it does not get scratched or lightly damaged by external influences.
Advertising through self-adhesive PVC film is an excellent way of promoting and providing information about a company. The film can be matte or glossy, depending on the needs and wishes of the clients, and it can be of different durability.
Application to glass or any smooth surface is extremely simple and quick. After the film is stuck to the glass, maintenance is minimal, it is enough to just wipe the film to remove impurities.
In addition to outdoor use, this is also a great choice for interior decoration because its appearance fits into all types of businesses.


Sandblasted PVC foil is an extremely effective way of advertising and promotion precisely because of the fact that it is very resistant and easy to maintain. Graphics are easily applied to almost all flat and slightly rounded surfaces. That is why it is ideal for protection from the eyes, and at the same time for advertising and promotion. Due to the effect of sandblasted glass, it is extremely resistant and easy to maintain, and it is enough to simply wipe it to remove impurities from the surface.
It is possible to print text or images on sandblasted PVC foil. It is ideal for privacy protection because it lets in a certain amount of light and does not let in prying eyes. The sandblasted foil is suitable for cutting and thus prepared for application on glass walls where it is necessary to partially protect from view, for example in meeting rooms or partitions between offices.
Sandblasted PVC film is the perfect choice for all types of business in order to achieve an optimal combination of protecting the privacy of potential clients and workers and providing information about the business.


The window graphic is a PVC foil that has the function of not being visible into the space during the day, but visible from the space to the exterior. As a PVC foil, it has a double function, advertising and privacy protection. Precisely thanks to its holey texture, the motif is visible from the outside of a glass surface such as a shop window or window. It does not miss views from the outside, so that the privacy of the office or business space is achieved. While from the inside of the space you can see through the glass as if the film had not been installed. The holey texture of these window graphics lets enough light into the space, so regardless of the size of the graphics on the window or shop window, it does not darken the space.
Perfect for all types of businesses and business premises to achieve promotion at low cost.


Floor graphics are stickers that are placed on the floor and are used for advertising, reminding potential clients of a product or service and directing potential clients to a certain part of the branch.
Different dimensions of the floor graphics are possible and in this way it is adapted to the space according to the wishes and needs of the customers.
They are used at the entrances to the company, i.e. in frequented places where every potential customer or client will see and will not be able to overlook. In this way, it is possible to highlight some special promotional offers and novelties. Floor graphics can also be used at the entrance to a category of business space, such as a department in a sales area. Floor graphics can be used to promote a special product or remind the customer of the brand they are looking for.
Floor graphics achieve great marketing and provide important information. They are made of self-adhesive film and the surface is laminated, that is, an anti-slip surface is added to prevent accidents. It also provides additional protection against surface damage such as scratches from walking or pulling things over them.
They are ideal for all public places such as shops, shopping centers, stations, banks or schools. They are noticeable and provide a great way of promotion for almost any place.


Protective films for windows are used for the purpose of protection from the sun, heat and UV radiation. In addition, during the day, they also provide additional protection from the view, so the interior cannot be seen from the outside, but they do not reduce visibility to the outside.
It can be applied from the inside or outside, and depending on the application, we get the desired effects. If the protective film for the glass is placed on the inside, it increases the energy efficiency of the room and thus reduces the costs of cooling and heating. If the protective film for the glass is placed on the outside of the glass, it effectively protects the space from heating, glare and UV radiation.