Remarkably convenient, practical and aesthetically pleasing is interior and exterior design using 2D or 3D shapes made from styrofoam or combined with other materials.
Primary for interior usage, these products are almost a “must have” at any type or purpose of business space. Depending on the visual, we can produce numbers, letters and other shapes of almost every size and thickness (from 2 – 10 cm).
Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene) is a perfect option for interior design and a possibility of dyeing with water based colors makes them unique commercials of and for business spaces. Both of Styrofoam types are lightweight and simple for assembly. For placements that are more approachable w always recommend using Styrofoam (extruded polystyrene) which is not so sensitive at pressure and can be used in exteriors as well. It’s basic surface is structured that gives additional aesthetical note to it. It is mostly being glued to a surface with water based silicone, but it an also be hanged or stand by itself that depends on the design.
Quality long term solutions in interior and exterior design are letters and shapes made from forex, that is sintra, a PVC material 1-10 mm thick, from plexiglass (transparent or colored) and from dibond or so called composite aluminum panel, a “sandwich” board (aluminum – polyethylene – aluminum), remarkably suitable for exterior. Advantage of all mentioned materials is possibility of their combination, depending on the project, so we can connect dibond or sintra board place on styrofoam, etc.