How many times did you notice some photo printed on canvas in a hotel, restaurant, office or someone home? A “signed” photo? A family photo made on fabric? A photo of some interesting sea motive? If you could wish for a photo made on canvas what would it look like? We are sure that you wanted to redecorate your home, living room or your office many times with something no one else has.

You wanted to give a special photo to a special person, but didn’t want it to be made as usual – resized and placed in some ordinary frame. Although it is quite expensive to order a painting, because only artists paint on fabric using several techniques, technology today has made everything possible, even printing on fabric.

When you read a word “fabric”, you probably think of a piece of fabric used for drawings with suitable colors, in this part – used for printing. Canvas fabric or so called artistic fabric is made out of cotton, linen and polyvinyl-chloride (PVC). Finally, this material is made the most common way – by weaving. In this kind of composition it is being used also for tents, backpacks and sails.

In bigger part it is being used by artists for paintings considering it tolerates well oil based colors. The result is a magnificent picture that speaks a thousand words and for is that the fabric is the main thing that places this product inside art from all other types of painting.

Thanks to quite fast technology and machinery development today you can have any photo made on canvas. Quality printing and ecologically acceptable inks give this product its duration and very easy maintenance. Depending on your desires and wanted design we can decorate any space with beautiful pictures in many dimensions.
Something most often used is what we can advise to you, too:
70 x 100 cm
50 x 70 cm 
30 x 40 cm
20 x 20 cm

At larger dimensions, depending on capacity and type of space you decorate it is enough up to 3 or 4 canvas photo prints so the room would have its “charm”. The smallest dimension is 20×20 cm and is very popular for decorating smaller rooms such as kids bedrooms, but also other rooms in smaller apartments. Every space planned for children will get its character if you place canvas photo print on walls with interesting and suitable design. What makes it very popular and specific is our option of personalizing products that makes this process, with you imagination, unlimited.

Although the largest dimension you can order is 150×300 cm, it is quite unpractical because of transport, moving and the assembly itself. However, if you by any case a proud owner of a company which interior is made from large and even exhibition walls (showroom type), then this product is definitely for you! Just imagine the impression of this large sized photo in some large room or a long and endless hallway, with a completely spectacular design. Maybe an animal. Maybe a horse? What would that say about you? About your company? A horse symbolizes personal growth, passion and desire to be free. It gives driving force and progress. If we believe in legend on first impression, something of this kind can definitely give trust at employees and business partners. Isn’t that a perfect product for your business interior decorating?

Canvas photo print is a perfect choice for any occasion! Besides its high quality print the resolution is, regardless of the fabric texture, absolutely perfect, the phot is very light weight and by that very practical for assembly. The frame of a photo is made from wooden slats over which the fabric is being stretched, making this frame invisible. So, there is no danger of breaking glass, scratching expensive frame within the transport or scratched walls while placing it in the room. Canvas photo print can be made in two ways: first one is when the photo and the design is visible only looking from front, and the sides around the frame are blank. In second way, the design can be full-printed, meaning it is visible also over the frames.

Up recently canvas photos were exclusively artistic, meaning copyrighted, and evidently expensive. Today’s technology made this sort of artistic photos more approachable for everyone. Although artistic and signed photos have their value in some part, availability of canvas printing has reached over recent borders and made them completely available for everyones pocket. All you have to do is think of a motive, choose a photo, print it out, frame it and there it is! Your canvas photo print! Perfect resolution, piercing colors and just the way you wanted it to be.

Every time you heard of canvas photo you probably imagined some artistic painting that hangs in someones home above the fire place with some nature motive or some motive you can not even recognize, but you don’t even have to, because that is art, right? The functionality of canvas photo prints is suitable for every possible part. You doubt that? Lets see:

EMOTIONAL AND PERSONAL FAMILY INTERIORS with smaller canvas photo prints containing individual (simple nature motives, animals, letters and other symbols) or combined motives (3 to 4 photos that placed together make one motive);

BUSINESS ACTIVITY WITH PURPOSE OF PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES ADVANCEMENT (companies sales or service program printed on canvas photo prints at business conferences, shows and fairs can give so many informations about you to your business partners and potential buyers with just one look);

PERSONALIZATION ACCORDING TO INDIVIDUAL DESIRES (the inspiration is indefinite: your children photos at their earliest age made with black and white filter and made in larger dimension, framed canvas photo print with just first letter of your babies name, several photos on canvas in different sizes that placed on your wall tell their own story…);

GIFT PROGRAM for family and friends or for clients and business partners. In any way and with carefully selected motive it will have certain value and make an impression you wanted. At the same time it will not be just one of many similar presents that will find its place after several days at some third person or at the bottom of the closet;

RACIONALIZING is a main point of advantage for canvas photo prints. It is lightweight what makes delivery costs very low, it is practical for assembly, storage and maintenance, and the colors will not faint over the years what says quite much on its duration and quality.

Having many knowledges and the technology we are specialized for canvas photo prints and we are fulfilling every desire very successfully. We are especially proud on our intellectual part where our experts in graphic design can make all your idea real. In this case, your canvas very much real. Visit our Facebook page, like us, share, become our fan. Share our story with friends, comment and contact us. Your opinion and wishes is very important to us.