The D-color team is always working on the development of new ideas and products so that we always have something new to offer. Primarily, we enter into this process taking into consideration the needs of our clients. This is how we implemented the idea of purchasing a laser machine and we are introducing laser cutting and engraving into our offer.

Our new range includes laser cutting of solid wood, MDF panels, plywood, also plexiglass and glass. In addition to laser cutting, engraving is also possible on all these materials. We have introduced these novelties in order to make our offer even richer, and therefore to make our existing and future customers happy. You can bring your homes and business spaces to an even higher level with such decorations placed on the wall or on some surface. You can also use such decorations to give your personal touch to all spaces or celebrations. We have the honor to cooperate with you and participate in the creation of unforgettable memories and unique personalized gifts.

Follow the news in our offer and join us in this adventure of discovering how creative and innovative we can be together.