Today we want to tell you more on our popular option which is very attractive. Our web shop we are very proud of each day has an option that can really place us as different in this very crowded location of web shops and gives you the possibility to become a designer and express your creativity with our help. The option “Upload photo” makes possible for you, dear people, to personalize by yourselves your own photo and choose everything that concerns its production.

We want to point out that we wanted to move from classical personalization of products and give you the option to place your own, emotional note to this entire story. At the end, we make everything for you and dear people around you. Your each photo carries a small part of past memories so why not saving them forever right this way? Let the inspiration be yours. We are sure you have beautiful photos from your travels with dear people, photos of moments that are dear to you; from blowing candles on a special birthday parties up to situations filled with laugh, for which only you will know what was it about and will make you laugh that way every time you look at it. Why making a perfect photo from your wedding of you and your partner when you can make the funniest one? The beauty lies in its simplicity and all personal, and to other people, unknown moments.

“There is a reality in photography so subtle it becomes more real than reality.”
Alfred Stieglitz

All you have to do is upload the chosen picture and try out your designer skills with our beautiful templates. Try this today through a few simple steps:

Choose “upload photo” in our menu and open options for placing your photo: templates (where you can choose a template and material), options (where you choose between 4 ways or production: PVC board 3 mm thick which is the most represented in our production, more precisely for our Happy Boards, paper foam board 10 mm thick which is extremely light and for that very suitable for all locations as well as easy for transport and our PVC self adhesive film – a material we use for wallpapers, which directions for application you can see here. And last, but not least, canvas photo prints in case you want to have a product that will have a dose of elegancy, simplicity and bring to room very much of art.
After material choosing, upload your photo by clicking “upload photo”. We advise you at the beginning to use most quality picture so the final quality would be as much better as it can be. We offer you several options for uploading your photo the way that suits you the best (from this device, from Facebook, Instagram and similar). You can start editing your picture by choosing some of our filters. Of course, do not forget to click “save” button once you are done.

In the same part of the site you can choose other details – writings, size, color and font also with options of curving, framing etc. In case you want to add additional text or quote to your product, just click “add more text”. At the end most important is to save your work by clicking “save design”.

Next thing you have to do is background editing and here you can pick between our own gallery, your own saved ones and color editing. Enjoy! Design by yourself!

Finally, you have to add your product to your shopping bag at our web page so we could start printing. We are sure you will find this interesting especially if you already had a chance to see our products and you have the desire to DIY your own board or a wallpaper considering both are very popular as a gift or your own personal or business interior redecorating, all for our youngest and those one a little bigger ?

Feel free to see some of our examples of boards so you can get started or find your own inspiration before starting on your own.

Did you start yet? We can’t wait to see your work!