Christmas is coming soon, everyone’s favorite time of the year that evokes the most beautiful memories and feelings. We are surrounded with peace as we watch Christmas lights. The magic of the holidays is even greater if we see fluttering snowflakes as they dance. Here, at D-color, the holiday spirit is also awakening and we are working at full steam. Christmas decorations are everywhere around us as we offer a wide selection of Christmas decor to make every home or shop sparkle with holiday glow.

One of our works can also be seen in the Karlovac department store or, as it is known in Karlovac, Tekstilka. Extremely attractive large white sleds that fit perfectly in such large areas. This new product brought by D-color enchants many visitors. With its size of a total of 2 and half meters in length and 90 cm in height, it attracts everyone’s eyes. Children and adults are both delighted, little ones are happy with Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. And this is a perfect prop for taking pictures. As the sleds are actually very large, they are assembled part by part. It is also a great way to transport them to different places because they are easy to assemble and place in the desired location. Made of styrofoam and forex, they are perfectly durable and light. Styrofoam is a material that makes it easy to carry because it is very light. Forex is a durable, strong and also light material that is extremely easy to maintain.

Awaken the Christmas spirit around you with our ornaments and decorations. You can visit our Karlovac department store and see this wonderful example of our work. While looking at the sleighs and the snowflakes on them, we awaken the feelings of happiness, peace and love that we all lack. Bring a real winter fairy tale to life in your home with the help of a few holiday details.